We’re a few weeks into 2018 and now that we’ve settled back into our normal routines, we can begin to think through what we want our new year to look like. How can we help our kids not just survive the rest of the school year, but continue to grow and develop from it? Here are some tips to make sure that nobody is just treading water in 2018.

Double-down on new favorites

The start of a new school year each fall is often the time when kids pick up new hobbies and activities. We all know how fickle children can be, so sometimes we’re afraid to fully commit to each new hobby that captures their attention. But by the time the next semester rolls around, you should be able to judge if this is something your kid is really into, and really go all-in when helping them pursue their passions. For example, if your son is falling in love with the violin he picked up in September, January is a great chance to invest in private lessons outside of the ones he gets in the school orchestra. If this new interest has turned into a lasting passion, then this is the time to really encourage your child to excel.

Re-examine lost interests

Of course, the flip side to the tip above is that sometimes those newfound hobbies from the start of the school year have started to wane, and your child wants to quit. As a parent, you want to instill a sense of commitment and work ethic into your child, but you don’t want to pressure them into anything they hate. It’s your job to navigate these waters with a deft touch and steady guidance. Sit down and have a real, meaningful conversation with them. What aren’t they happy about? Is it something that can change with a little work, or is it a roadblock inherent to the hobby? A good discussion of the topic should imbue your child with the sense that this is not a decision to be made lightly, but that their final choices can and will be respected.

Set new goals; build new rituals

Do you want your family to be healthier in 2018? Do you want to spend more time together? Does your child want to get better grades? These are all great goals to set early in the year. Decide as a family to eat dinner together every day, or plan a weekly walk in the park, or daily after-school check-ins with children struggling in school. Creating new family rituals can help get you all a little closer to success.

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