Loved One Status Updates
Loved One Status Updates Loved One Status Updates Loved One Status Updates

How PreciouStatus Was Born.

The catalyst for PreciouStatus came as a result of the internationally profiled tech-founder’s medical family crisis and desire to have private real-time updates via parent app vs. the challenge of multiple telephone calls to schools and medical facilities.

The #1 reaction on any PreciouStatus trial is “wow…this is amazing and by far better, in every way, than anything else, saving time by everyone and creating referrals. ”  The #2 reaction is “how fast can we get set-up and going?”

At PreciouStatus,  we are passionate and committed to children’s education,  school success,  and health care center’s engagement of families.  We are well-funded by individuals authentic and passionate about the legacy of connecting parents/families to enable the highest outcomes in education and healthcare.

The founder, Julie Gilbert Newrai, is an internationally profiled Fortune 100 technology and business executive entrepreneur having created and launched 7 technology businesses.  The PreciouStatus team is comprised of national experts in early childcare, education, healthcare, and technology all focused on PreciouStatus’s mission  to bring peace of mind to parents in an easy, non intrusive and fast to use technology enabling teachers and healthcare providers to provide real-time private updates.  All this while bringing childcare centers, schools, and care centers powerful parent and family engagement and marketing referrals, green solutions, and assessment and reporting requirements.

At PreciouStatus, we have designed the technology to be delivered on ANY device with the most sophisticated and security-safe considerations and yet have priced the technology to be free for most schools to enable EVERY school, teacher, healthcare center, and child and loved one to have it.  And, of course, parents and families do not pay a penny for any updates/photos or videos.

PreciouStatus is THE market standard and is deployed at the largest centers and schools in the U.S. and abroad.  We are thrilled to have won the 2013 North American Most Innovative Company of the Year by Bloomberg, Fortune, USA Today, PC Magazine, and others as well as several other national high-technology awards for the focus in design, usability, and capabilities.  PreciouStatus also holds the prestigious Huffington Post’s 2010 Innovator of the Year Award.   And, the innovation continues with significant new advances and updates to the software each month.  And, every single advance and update we build and release to the platform of users comes directly from our large user-base deployed across the globe.

""It's so easy to update parents now with PreciouStatus. It eliminates the multitude of reminders we were doing. And, without the same impact with parents." "

Sandy M.

Texas School Administrator

We Are Customer-focused

Winner of multiple awards for innovation, patent-pending PreciouStatus is the simplest, most flexible, customizable platform to share in-the-moment updates and photos with family and loved ones.

When Julie Gilbert Newrai first envisioned and started planning the development of PreciouStatus, she engaged nearly 2,000 care providers, teachers, healthcare professionals, and administrators to provide input and to help build and optimize PreciouStatus. These engagements took place over many months and helped turn PreciouStatus into the truly easy-to-use, intuitive, and comprehensive platform that is loved by centers, organizations and families today.

"By the time the parent picks up the child, she/he is already fully aware of how the child’s day was. Thanks to PreciouStatus parents are much more connected and engaged than ever before."


School Director

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