“PreciouStatus is incredibly compelling on three levels:

1) Scientific: PreciouStatus is tapping into huge human needs to protect their families, care for families.  It’s the very heart of our genes.

2) Neuroscience: PreciouStatus is taping our need for information and need to socialize

Scientific and Neuroscience combined is powerful and is at the very essence of humanity.”

3) “Beyond the science and the markets, if I think of PreciouStatus as a new type of social media.  It is ‘observational social media.’  It’s somebody I know watching out for someone I care about, analyzing them, and sending me private information.”

“Have you ever been in a theatre and watching characters and a plot that is incredibly compelling and you find it irrepressible and you want not to get up from your seat and you just want it to unfold in front of you.  PreciouStatus is right there!”

PreciouStatus thanks Ron Amodeo for believing in the vision and outcomes of connecting humans in a private and encrypted way to professionals in education, healthcare, and the military.