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Education & Childcare Testimonials

“Now I know how to continue activities when I get home with him.”

Parents discuss how PreciouStatus keeps them updated and engaged in the care and education of their children. (1:46)

“I see how engaged she is in class and now I feel part of it now too”

School teachers, administrators, and parents dicuss how the implementation of Precioustatus has impacted families and drawn a large amount of postitive feedback. (4:15)

“That’s what education should be, parents and teachers working together”

School teachers, administrators, and parents express the overall benefits Precioustatus has brought to their schools.(9:35)

“The energy (from teachers and parents)
is just really wonderful to see.”

School teachers and administrators describe implementing PreciouStatus and the positive feedback it has received. (5:47)

“I’ve fallen in love with it.”

A special education teacher explains how easy PreciouStatus is, and how the app has saved him time. (1:50)

“It’s fun for [our teachers] to let parents know how the day is going.”

A school administrator explains how PreciouStatus makes a difference for her learning center staff and students’ families. (1:34)