Let Your Child Take The Lead

Halloween is an exciting night in every child’s life and naturally, you want to help them make the most of it. If possible, let your child help choose decorations, pick the design to carve into their jack-o’-lantern, and decide which friends they want to trick-or-treat with. Not only does this make the night more fun, but safer as well—by giving your child more freedom over the choices they can make, it means they’ll be more likely to listen when it comes time to lay down the Halloween ground rules.

Go Wild With Costume Ideas

For children, Halloween is about dressing up and the fun of being in character, and for that reason many want the professional look of a store-bought costume. However, we know that putting together Halloween costumes from scratch offers you a great opportunity to bond with your child over a creative project, so what’s the right compromise?

Does your child want to be a Jedi from Star Wars? Let them wear the costume from the store, but help them build an awesome DIY lightsaber that’ll be the envy of all their friends. Is that department-store superhero costume is a little basic? Teach them how to sew on more details to make them the best-looking crime fighter on the block. With a little bit of inspired creativity, you can always help your child think outside the box, literally!

Communicate With Your School

Many schools celebrate Halloween during the day, and this offers your child a great opportunity to show off their costume and inject some excitement into their daily routine. However, we’ve all heard too many tales of children not allowed to participate in these events or wear their favorite costumes due to unclear or unheeded rules and expectations from the school. With many schools now using childcare apps like PreciouStatus, teachers can keep classroom families informed of any special activities and prevent your child from having to live through their own Halloween horror story.

Plot The Route Beforehand

Sitting down with your child before they go out trick-or-treating and helping them plan a safe route may not feel exciting, but Halloween safety precautions don’t have to be tedious. Help your child draw up a “treasure map” of your neighborhood, complete with their friends’ houses, the best blocks for candy, and the spookiest decorations. By planning with them, you ensure that your child doesn’t end up anywhere outside your boundaries.

Remember Your Child’s Age

With so many neighbors and children out and about, Halloween is often the first time a child can feel free to safely explore their neighborhood without their parents. But child-parent communication doesn’t go out the window once their old enough to trick-or-treat without you; it just changes as they age. For younger children, mark “checkpoints” on their treasure map and ask them to call you when they reach each one. For older children, a simple curfew may be just fine. But above all, know your child and what level of responsibility they can/should be expected to handle, and plan accordingly.

Half Now, Half Later

Nobody likes a spoilsport, and no child wants to hear the old “you can have one piece of candy tonight” line when they get home with a full bag. To help keep sore tummies to a minimum, turn regulation into another Halloween activity. When your child and their friends are doing the traditional candy swap at the end of the night, set aside the newly traded goodies for later days. Or tell your child that for every ten pieces they save, you’ll add a piece of candy leftover from your own dish, in a fun lesson about saving and investing.

Finally: Keep It Consistent

Halloween is a wild day–everybody’s dressed up, the neighborhood looks different, children roam around freely after dark–and it can feel like normal rules don’t apply. But children crave routine, even on an oddball day like this, and proper parent engagement helps your child know what to expect during this exciting and spooky holiday.

These tips allow you to make sure your child’s Halloween is fun, safe, and predictable. But how can you provide the same level of parental engagement even while your child is out of the house every day? For many top schools, the answer is PreciouStatus. This innovative app helps keep teachers and parents connected to benefit each student. As a parent, you can get photos, updates, and information regarding your child throughout the day. Teachers and administrators can use the app to communicate effectively with parents regarding each child and his or her process. If your school is not well-connected, suggest PreciouStatus as an app to streamline the process, and have them call (888) 959-8982 today to learn more about the #1 app for connecting parents and teachers.