You’re running errands over the weekend and as you’re walking through your favorite store (you know, the one that has everything you could need, and more?) you turn a corner and… uh, oh—you see it.


Your kid is still distracted in the toy aisle, but you’re counting down the seconds before they turn around and their summer joy comes crashing down. It’s true; it’s only halfway through July. But once your child sees all those cardboard displays full of pencils, notebooks, and expensive calculators (“$140!? Does it really say you need that model; you’re only entering 4th grade! Let me see that list…”), those dreams of an endless summer are gone. They’ll be replaced with the cold, hard reality that school IS starting again, and now—no matter how many weeks of summer are left—your child is in countdown mode, and so are you.

The kids have their summer off; we don’t

Of course, you know you don’t have to dive into school supply mode yet; it’s perfectly fine to wait until August before stocking up on the start-of-semester essentials. But nevertheless, you’re now thinking about the upcoming school year, and how you can work with your child, their teachers, and school administrators to make this year stress- and worry-free—at least as much as you reasonably can!

You already know that communication is the key to success in nearly every aspect of life, and this applies to your child’s education as well. Last year, you did a great job—you listened attentively during parent-teacher conferences, you followed up with your child’s teacher outside of those conferences to make sure everything was on track, and you actually read the school’s monthly newsletter, where you found out about some fun activities for your child! You also know to never rest on your laurels, and now you’re wondering how you can increase your healthy involvement in your child’s education even more than before. You know that parent-teacher communication is key, and you honestly wish you could talk to your kid’s teacher on a daily basis. Your check-ins are great, but you don’t want to bother them every day, and what would you even ask about?

Fortunately, like seemingly everything nowadays, there’s an app for that! New apps like PreciouStatus offer direct and daily communication between parents, teachers, and administrators, as well as helpful tools like activity descriptions, behavioral logs, and even the ability to share photos throughout the day! If your school doesn’t offer the tools to keep you well connected, now is the time to take action so you can hit the ground running when the school year rolls around. Suggest PreciouStatus as an app to increase parental involvement, and have them email or call (888)-959-8982 today to learn more about the #1 app for keeping parents in the loop with their children’s development and activities.