Graduation is a big deal. Yes, we all think about college or high school graduation, but to a child who’s constantly growing, learning, and maturing, even something as seemingly arbitrary as the graduation from one elementary school grade to the next can be a big deal. New opportunities, new clubs, new teachers, and new experiences open up every new school year, and every year can feel like a lifetime of growth capped off by the promise of advancement to the next stage of your life. Of course, with graduation comes academic stress: report cards, term projects, and that dangerously common TV trope of “being held back a grade” can wrack your child’s brain going into the home stretch of a school year.

Why talk now?

There’s a chance you’re thinking to yourself, “Home stretch? It’s barely March! Spring Break just ended a few days ago!” but that’s why it’s important to begin talking now about the end of the year. If your child is struggling academically, finding out two weeks before graduation won’t do either of you any good. You might be able to talk to a teacher and help cobble together some extra credit, but you’re limited in how much you can help your child course correct this late in the game. By discussing the end of the school year months in advance, you can really make plans to end the year on a strong note, even if the start of the semester was shaky.

As always, communication is of utmost importance. You likely just got out of parent-teacher conferences, and if so, you should have a good idea of how your child is doing in school. But take this time, away from their teachers and their peers, to really have a one-on-one with your kid about their school life – what they find easy, where they struggle, and what causes those struggles. Is your child reacting poorly to a particular teaching style? Are they not focusing on their coursework? Are they having issues with other kids in their class? These are just a few examples of issues that, with proper communication and quick reactions, can be worked on in time to turn around a child’s performance by the end of the year.

Of course, it’s not just about communicating between parent and child. Many parents want to be kept totally in the loop about their child’s performance, and the smartest schools will make every effort to stay up-to-date with the technology that allows parents and teachers to communicate daily about a student’s performance. New apps like PreciouStatus offer direct and daily communication between parents, teachers, and administrators as well as helpful tools like mobile daily sheets, grades updated in real-time, grades, and even the ability to share photos of class activities! With tools like these, there’s no need to wait until the end of the year to observe your child’s performance and make any necessary corrections before graduation. If your school doesn’t offer the tools to keep you well-connected, suggest PreciouStatus as an app to increase parental engagement, and have them email us at or call at (888) 959-8982 today to learn more about the #1 app for connecting parents and teachers.