Communication and collaboration are vital aspects in any healthcare setting. Our award-winning, HIPAA-compliant app helps families and patients create secure connections with the specific circle of healthcare professionals assisting in their care and recovery.

PreciouStatus. Your lifeline to moments that matter.

Healthcare & Veterans

“Our staff finds using PreciouStatus easy and very fulfilling! It’s enhanced our ability to provide quality of care at our hospital.”

– Todd Archbold, Executive
Prairie Care Mental Health Centers

The PreciouStatus app makes life easier and improves results for all family members and medical professionals involved in the various aspects of a patient’s healthcare needs. Our award-winning technology is designed to serve a wide range of organizations, programs and professionals in fields such as behavioral health, addiction, mental health, physical therapy, special needs, eldercare and more.

Medical Professionals

  • Share secure and encrypted updates with families: photos, activities, milestones and more 

  • Demonstrate an advanced level of care of communication for your patients

  • Save time – the app is simple, fast and easy to use

  • Coordinate quickly and seamlessly with families and other specialties/care providers

Executives and Administrators

  • Ensure all HIPAA-related communication and record-keeping standards are met

  • Offer leading-edge care and communication technology to your patients and professionals

  • Integrate easily with other systems

  • Capture and retain all patient-specific, care-related communication

Families and PatientsHealthcare and veterans mobile app for communicating updates

  • Enjoy the benefits of having your circle of care providers and clinicians seamlessly communicating via a single channel

  • Stay on top of the care-related communication for your loved one with real-time information, photos and updates

  • Share secure information with family members in other geographies

  • Receive instant and regular communication from your specific medical professionals

Fully integratable with existing systems, including EMR

HIPAA Compliant


2013 Executive Healthcare Innovator of the Year

Military Personnel and Veterans

Every member of the PreciouStatus staff has tremendous respect for the sacrifices made by our military personnel and their families.

The PreciouStatus app allows the care providers to send pictures and updates on the daily care and services the veterans are receiving – bringing peace of mind and sense of comfort to their loved ones, regardless of where they may live. We also have a continuing care program for veterans to communicate with their providers as they heal.

We continue to collaborate with the commanders, physicians and administrators of various branches and divisions of our armed forces, identifying potential ways this incredible technology may contribute to the health and well-being of these American heroes and their families.

“Many of our families live long distances from our Homes and aren’t able to visit on a regular basis. [PreciouStatus] provides another level of comfort to reassure them their loved one is doing well.”

– Larry Shellito, Commissioner
Minnesota Veterans Affairs

App for Veteran Healthcare

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