According to Principal/Executive Director William Jones, “Regardless of economic status, every single parent cares about their child’s education.  Ironically PS is one of those tools that works so well and so easy, you can’t help but say to yourself, why didn’t someone come up with this before.”

“PreciouStatus is a tremendous tool and enables us to have immediate connectivity with the parents and bring them into the educational programming.  It’s about enhancing the connection between teachers and parents.  If anything I was surprised by how quickly teachers and parents adapted to using PreciouStatus and how it has become simply the way we do things.”  William Jones

Focus Hope School serves inner-city Detroit, Michigan children.  Focus Hope’s mission and inner city Detroit outcomes date back to 1968 with most United States’ President’s visiting and witnessing their impact on the community.  The organization’s mission recognizes the dignity and beauty of every person, and pledges intelligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty, and injustice.