From early childcare to preschool to after-school programs, there will be many times throughout your child’s development where they’ll be left in the hands of a professional outside of their required K-12 education. From daily activities to early childhood socializing, this time spent outside a classroom setting is still a formative part of your child’s education, and deserves just as much of your attention and care!

What’s My Child Up To Today?

A proper synergy between what your child learns at childcare and how you help them develop at home can make all the difference when you’re preparing your child for school and life in general. For this reason, it’s always important to develop a strategy that properly coordinates how, what, where, and when your child is learning and developing. Understanding exactly what goes on at your childcare center can help you find this synergy, as long as you know where to look and how to use this information!

By understanding exactly what your child learns at childcare, you can choose to supplement these developments by engaging in activities with your child that your childcare center may not offer extensively and expanding their horizons early. For example, if you learn that your child is intensely interested in one or two of the books during story time at childcare, you can look into having more books similar to those at home! You can also reinforce what your child learns at childcare by continuing their activities at home, and practicing them or expanding on them as necessary. If your child is socializing and making new friends during the day at childcare, it’s great to be able to know exactly who they’re bonding with and allowing those friendships to flourish and expand outside of childcare.

Of course, with a wide array of daily activities offered during childcare, most parents can have trouble keeping track of every detail and knowing exactly how to make sure their child’s home life and childcare time are in perfect harmony. Many parents want to be kept totally in the loop about their child’s day-to-day education, and the smartest childcare centers will make every effort to stay up-to-date with the technology that allows parents and childcare professionals to communicate daily about a child’s development. New apps like PreciouStatus offer direct and daily communication between parents, childcare professionals, and administrators, as well as helpful tools like activity descriptions, behavioral logs, and even the ability to share photos throughout the day!

If your childcare center doesn’t offer the tools to keep you well-connected, suggest PreciouStatus as an app to increase parental engagement, and have them email us at or call at (888) 959-8982 today to learn more about the #1 app for connecting parents and teachers. For more information, please visit